A journey through 3D vision in the era of deep learning (without forgetting industrial exploitation)

3D data enables many use cases across all types of industries and when complemented with regular 2D imaging, the potential increases even further. What are the main current technologies for producing 3D data? Which pros and cons? And the costs? Are these sustainable at the edge?

Deep Vision will take you on a broad-spectrum journey through 3D reconstruction technologies and then delve into one of the most relevant ones, namely stereo vision: this approach has been known and used in computer vision for more than 40 years, and is currently being challenged and yet strengthened by deep learning.

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Il relatore

Giovanni Gualdi, born in Modena (Italy), 1978, (MS ’03, PhD ’10), CEO of Deep Vision Consulting, which he founded in 2011. He is main inventor of patents and author of papers in top quality journals and conference proceedings. In early 2000 he served as research associate at UCSD (San Diego) and Hewlett Packard Labs (Palo Alto). After the Phd he completely pursued his career in his consulting firm.


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